Helpful videos to get you started!

Asana Rebel

Asana Rebel combines the best of yoga with high intensity training – in the process creating a whole new industry and revolutionizing how yoga is practiced. Our unique concept of Yoga Inspired Fitness is just the start. We think big. We think rebellious. We take pride in what we do. And we strongly believe we can achieve it all. Ours is an environment where nothing is impossible. Everyday our talented and dedicated team makes wonderful things happen, bringing in new ideas and pushing ourselves to think outside of the box. Asana Rebel creates a culture where we can learn, fail, grow and develop together whilst doing what we love.

Core for Runners

Nick Symonds breaks it down for us here. This is my core routine. I do it every Monday and Wednesday. I usually follow it up with weight lifting. A strong core helps runners with their stability, balance, posture and overall control. Runners are increasingly recognizing the importance of core strength … A conditioned core prevents any wiggling in your torso and keeps you from deflecting energy, so you run faster.

Running Drills

Running drills to improve form, cadence and become a faster runner by Ben Parkes. Here are my top 5 running drills that I use on a weekly basis. These will help you strengthen your leg muscles and also improve your form. Try adding some of these into your routine and watch your running improve! Ideally do these before your easy runs, plus you can use these to warm up before a race.

Transition Tips

Perfecting your transitions is critical and will only translate into faster times. I highly recommend you practice your transitions to get better. Remember to use rubber bands to secure your cycling shoes. This will save you a ton of time, trust me when I tell you this. Follow Mark Buckingham’s tips in this video and you will be on your way to killer transitions. 

Flying Mount

A flying mount will help you get onto your bike faster out of T1. Make sure to secure your pedals with rubber bands! Follow the steps on this video to master the flying mount process. Best to practice this in a park on grass. 

Flying Dismount

The flying dismount is crucial in saving precious time when entering T2. Best to practice this in a park on grass. I highly recommend you master this dismount if you are looking at becoming a better Triathlete. Triallianceoz does a nice job breaking this down.